Small Business Saturday | My Top 5 Local Wisconsin Businesses

I’m sure by now, most of you have heard a little something about Small Business Saturday. But how much do you really know? Did you know it’s always the last Saturday of November? For the last 8 years, with the help of American Express, America has celebrated Small Business Saturday. It’s on that last Saturday of November that we have a big reminder to shop small and shop local.

As the day after Black Friday, I know sometimes this Saturday gets missed. However, I’m sitting here writing this letter to you to urge you to shop local. These small businesses need you. As a small business myself, I know how important you all, as shoppers are. We put in a lot of long hours, make a lot of sacrifices, and we don’t love every minute of it. But we also wouldn’t have it any other way, because we love what we are doing. That is why shopping local, shopping small is so incredibly important. We rely on you, we rely on those who love what we do and support us. Which is why I want to share with you 5 of my favorite local Wisconsin businesses.



Brit + Matt McCoy | Belleville, Wisconsin

Homestead Wisconsin LLC is a local beef and lamb farm, as well as a floral design business. They offer floral designs for weddings and events. Brit has an eye for all things floral. Live and dried bouquets for every occasion that are custom fit to what you want. But it doesn’t stop there. Homestead also offers the best quality grass-fed beef and lamb. Honestly before Brit and Matt started their herd, I never thought much about having to drain the grease from my beef. But now that I’ve had practically greaseless, grass-fed beef, I hate when I run out. Not to mention how tender the steaks are! You can read more about both these parts of their business here. But that’s not all Homestead offers. They also have several custom leather and wood gifts, for yourself or a loved one. Some of the custom pieces are beer cozies and wine carries, as well as some gorgeous wood trivets. Perfect gifts made completely from the Midwest businesses. You just need to go check out all the great things that Homestead is doing! And think about supporting this small business on Saturday.



Paul Morrison | Oregon, Wisconsin

The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin is a local wood working business that offers a wide range of products pre-made and custom. Paul choice the perfect name for his business, because the way he runs his business is a true wood cycle. Taking local urban trees, taking them from standing or fallen logs, and turning them all the way into completed pieces. It is a truly amazing process to watch and read about, which leads to one of many options to purchase from Paul on this Small Business Saturday. Not only is he a creative mastermind with wood, but he is also a published artist of the book Tree to Table, which covers all you need to know about bringing a tree to a finished product. Like the very gorgeous desk I’m writing this blog from. See some of their gorgeous finished products here and think about getting something of your own.



Jonathan + Hanna Uecker | Stoughton, Wisconsin

The Workbench Kitchen is the perfect place to find gifts for those who are hard to buy for. From the most delicious smelling candles to the perfect wood spatula to beautifully created cutting boards, and so much more! This husband and wife team pull their creative strengths together to make custom wood kitchen needs. Ever since I got my first walnut spatula from Jonathan when Kaleb and I got married, I will never go back. Only trick is keeping it away from the dog, he think it’s smells good. But seriously, these spatulas are magic. They have the perfect curve to make flipping large pancakes a breeze. Recently they added soy candles to their shop, and their apple fest scent has been burning strong in my house for well over a month now. It is the best smell in the world, very fall-y! So if you have a gift to buy for someone, but not sure what to get go shop their shop!



Nikki Huebler | New Glarus, Wisconsin

The Vault is a new women’s store in the adorable downtown of New Glarus. It has all the unique style, from shirts to shoes to accessories. Nikki specially picks out the most adorable and stylish clothes for any woman in your life, or a special gift for yourself! The best part of Nikki’s shop, she is constantly getting in new styles to fit the seasons! And they aren’t like other boutiques, they carry several sizes, for us ladies with slightly bigger curves. PS men, Nikki has gift cards for your pickier ladies. Go visit their new location Saturday, and find the lady in your life the perfect gift.


Morgann McCoy | Belleville, Wisconsin

A Well Worn Story is the perfect mix of old and new. Morgann takes old canvas, fabrics and even leather to create custom bags, wallets, belts and more. Her custom, one of a kind canvas pieces are simply gorgeous, and the perfect way to spice up old finds. She can make custom pieces out of old things you hold dear, like military bags, canvas tents or grandpa’s flannel. My favorite thing about those pieces is they tell a story, whether it’s your story or someone else’s. While Morgann works a lot with old fabrics and textiles, she also works with new. Her custom leather pieces are truly perfection. Her little Card Wallets are perfect for those of us who don’t carry purses, and her Everyday Tote is for those who need all the extra room to carry as they can get. Even her Waist Aprons can be used for all sorts of workers. Everything Morgann creates is durable, yet perfectly crafted. I highly suggest getting one of her natural leather options, its cool to see it get darker with more use. *All orders for Christmas must be in by December 1st! So Small Business Saturday is perfect!

I would love to hear about your favorite local businesses, as I plan on shopping small Saturday too! And do me a favor, give that small business owner you know a hug. They need it.