Evansville WI Photographer | Life of a Youngin'

For those of you who know me, and know my life, this blog might not be news to you. But I know there are many of you, who know my work but don't know too much about me.  So think of this is a WAYYY past late little update on me, your photographer.

Here I am, only twenty-two years old, and already so much has happened in this wonderful life.
Married: Check
Dog Mom to Two Dogs: Check
Business Owner: Check
World Traveler: Half Check

and biggest and newest one..


That's right, my husband and I recently bought our first home, with a backyard perfect for the fur babies and in the CUTEST little town of Evansville, WI. We couldn't be more excited to start this chapter in our life.  It feels surreal owning a home that we can paint, move rock, add pictures and get a little messy, all in the process of making it our own.

I've had my fair share comments about me being too young, and having no idea what I'm doing.  But let me say, that only empowers me to grow more and achieve more.  While I feel like I'm just rambling now, I just really wanted to share that no matter what people say, hear it but then make it something good.  People can say my business is just a dream, I can say a dream becoming reality.  They can say you're too young to get married or buy a house, I can say when God gives you happiness, don't wait.

I cannot wait to share the journey of creating a home with you guys, and I am so exciting to get my office done.  Because then I can have a space to be creative and give you all sessions that are out of this world!

My favorite part [after the cute dogs that is]...the future office!

Memories are going to be edited in that office, and I hope they will be your memories!

Because change is a good thing, and this change can only make me stronger.

xoxo Elise Marie