Madison WI Senior Photographer | Grace

Being back in my home town area of Madison Wisconsin, photographing seniors, makes me realize how fast time flies sometimes.  Just five years ago, I was here, in the same place as Grace; going to captain's practice, getting ready for the last year of my high school career. 

The swimmer life keeps you pretty busy almost year round, with maybe a week break here or there.  But not only does Grace swim [since she was 6 or 7 I might add], but she is also an A+ student and musician. So basically, she is kind of a smart cookie!  While I can really only understand the swimmer side, I knew the moment I met her, Grace is going far!

When I say she is going far, I'm saying she has the desire to go to school for Biomedical Engineering.  Yes, you heard me right, not just engineering [which is already a field for geniuses], but Biomedical, like for those extra smart geniuses, no dis on engineers, love you Daddy (: Not only that, but she is apart of her math team, and science olympics [which she went to state with].  But besides being just smart with all that school stuff, and being a great athelete, she does this thing where she makes other people's ears happy.  She does vocal jazz, musicals, solo and ensembles, sings and plays piano..I mean what can't this girl do! One gifted individual for sure!

And I mean I know I have said this more than once, but I get to photograph some amazing people! Amazing insides and stunning on the outside.  The way Grace shines from within, so bright that you can see if exploding right out, well it's contagious! I am just so dang lucky!

So shout out to Grace for choosing me, it was just such a pleasure being YOUR photographer.

xoxo Elise Marie

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