Wisconsin Photographer | Staying Warm

As a Wisconsin Photographer, one thing I know for sure, IT'S COLD!  Who wants to go outside, when you can stay inside with a cozy sweater and be a loner?  There is one bad thing about being a Wisconsin Photographer during this cold, very few sessions outside.  But guess what?!  That doesn't mean you cannot have your pictures taken!

It wasn't quite as cold when I met with Lauren in Milwaukee, but the indoor portion of her session made me fall in love.  Fall in love with sweaters, indoor soft light, preggo bellies, and well those big blue eyes! Let me just say photographing Lauren in her studio was pretty much a dream.  Her motherly glow so bright.  Something about being inside that makes the surroundings matter even less, the focus on the beautiful lady in front of my glass.

Lauren is getting closer and closer to her Valentine's Day due date, and makes me so happy for her.  She is going to be an awesome mother, the love she has for her baby already makes it clear how amazing she will be. 

So if you were wondering how a Wisconsin winter looks on camera, it looks gorgeous! So who is going to be in front of my camera next? In the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop, or just somewhere you love!

Thank you Lauren for making my first indoor session such a beautiful and perfect way to make me fall in love.

xoxo Elise Marie

"Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius."
Pietro Aretino

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