Wisconsin Senior Photographer | Grace P

I think back to warm summer days, were I get most excited about being a Wisconsin Senior Photographer.  Of course the most exciting part of being a Wisconsin Senior Photographer is getting to work with such amazing girls and guys, and creating a unique experience for each of them.  However, I have to admit, choosing a location for their session is a close second.  Wisconsin has so many beautiful locations. from lakes and rivers, to a beautiful state capital, down to the backyards at my parents.  Yes, I use that backyard for almost every senior, because well simply put, its beautiful!

I got to use that backyard for many past seniors, and again for Grace; as well as that beautiful state capital, and The Square [what we from Madison area call that streets right around the Capital Square].  When I asked Grace what she wanted to do for her style, she couldn't decide between pretty greens or city, so we settled on both.  And boy am I glad we did.  Her gorgeous hair in front of the greenery was simply breath taking.  But then when we got to the city, you could see she just belonged. 

As a Wisconsin Senior Photographer, I love getting to know each of my seniors and finding out what they are all about.  While Grace rocked her prom dress again for part of her session, it was a quick transition over to her basketball uniform; where she looked just as comfortable.  I could tell then that Grace is going to be a force worth reckoning with.  She has so much talent and so much strive to get where she wants. 

And what she wants is, she wants to teach people how to Bucky! Just a few weeks ago I found out she's going to do just that! Grace, the wonder, will be a BUCKY! I love hearing big news from my seniors, and it makes me even prouder to be a Wisconsin Senior Photographer. Because, Wisconsin is the best state ever...I may be biased, but I don't care.

I cannot wait to see where this lady goes, because if she can rock a dress in an alley, and a basketball uniform on top of a parking garage, I know nothing is going to slow her down!

xoxo Elise Marie

Hair and Make Up By Katrina Christine



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