Wisconsin Photographer | Get Away

One thing I absolutely love about being a Wisconsin Photographer, is my family being around me.  But I have to admit, sometimes running a business, working a full time job and other side work gets me really distracted.  I often forget to step away from all the crazy and just enjoy my family.  So, for my birthday I took full advantage of being a Wisconsin Photographer to photograph my family.   I realized this year that I need to do more for my emotional health and more for my family.  We took a short drive to a family cabin with the rugrats, and cut the connection.  We went on many many walks in the not quite green landscape, we shot some guns and we just relaxed...oh and bought a buttload of really good cheese, because you know we are Cheeseheads.  It was so refreshing to just enjoy whats around you, and not what is around your Facebook friends.  I love my job, I love photography, and I love my family.  Sometimes you just need to reline your focus.

Thank you to my family and friends for baring with me when I loose focus. Ya'll rock!

xoxo Elise Marie

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