Madison wisconsin photographer | Megan

I hear so often, location location location.  But when you are a Madison Wisconsin photographer every location is a good location! Especially when you have a gorgeous model like Megan!  The great thing about using Downtown Madison is you can walk from one corner where you have the Capital,  then you walk down State Street and you are at the Union with the beautiful lake and fun Union chairs, then just a little farther down the path and you got the trail to Picnic Point with gorgeous trees along the way and the lake right next to you.  And the best part, there is the best ice cream in the world at the Union for the end of your sessions!  Madison Wisconsin, you make me such a happy photographer!

As for you Megan, you are a bright bright star in this world. You rock the whole college thing, down pat, you are so smart and I know you will go far.  You are an incredibly gifted singer, and you have already blessed so many people with singing. God has given you so many amazing gifts and I am so thankful for our friendship.  We have grown much since fire grew grass and spinney chairs were life. Now its all about ICE CREAM, talks, and modeling for me :)  You girl are gorgeous, you are intelligent, you are you. Thank you! 

xoxo Elise Marie