Belleville Wisconsin | Andre G

Belleville Wisconsin is such a beautiful place to photograph my seniors.  I love the variety it gives, the old walls, old bridge, greenery.  The perfect place to take the young Andre G.  Now writing this blog has got me a little teary eyed because this kid is no longer in the continental US.  He is no longer 15 minutes from Belleville Wisconsin.  I can no longer photograph him unless I fly over the big blue!  This amazingyoung man came into my life a little less than a year ago when I started working with his beautiful mother.   Andre has that work hard play hard attitude which not only got him working while going through highschool AND playing basketball.  It got him to Puerto Rico a little over a week ago!  Andre spent part of his life in Puerto Rico, until family matters brought them back to Wisconsin.  Now he is back where he considers home, on the beautiful island.  But he's not there just to be there, he is there to play basketball! It was sad to see him go, especially for his mother, but I know he will do amazing things there!

Andre, you inspire me to continue to chase my dreams.  Stay awesome Brochacho!

xoxo Elise Marie