Wisconsin In-Home Photographer | Miss Lily

Being a Wisconsin In-Home Photographer has really opened my eyes to a whole new kind of love.  The raw, true, sometimes a little messy love.  In-Home sessions are great because in the Wisconsin seasons you cannot always get outside, but I can come to you, to your warmth.  And let's be honest, sometimes being home is where you are most comfortable! Plus I'll tell you a secret, I don't care if your house is a little messy.

Miss Lily came into this world over six months ago..and I am just now blogging her. I feel bad for keeping all her in-home cuteness from you! But I'll be honest this blogging thing is not my cup of tea. I'm there though, and going to tell you about the beautiful Lily's in-home session.  I met her mama through the Rising Tide Society when she was holding Miss Lily in her tummy.  She was my beautiful maternity model in Milwaukee [Staying Warm] and when she asked me to come do an in-home photography session in their adorable old Wisconsin home, I couldn't say no!  Miss Lily wasn't entirely pleased with my presence, but she warmed up to me enough to be too adorable!  So ignore the mess and just let me come in and photograph your adorable family.

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