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Today I was reminded by the lovely ladies of The Power Hour for photographers/business owners, that finding focus and priorities are so important! It was something I really needed to hear today, because let's be honest, it is so easy to loose track of what is important when owning your own business. Being a 22 year old business owner, I've always taken for granted that I am so young, thinking I have all the time in the world to figure my stuff out.  However, I never think about how now is the time to figure it out, so when I am older I do not have to rely on those second jobs that don't hold my heart.

But the biggest thing is finding a balance between figuring out your stuff and focusing on family. Your time disappears like the cookies in my house. Almost 2 years ago today, I married my husband, and while I was sitting looking at my calendar today I thought about these past two years and realized how crazy fast they went! It feels like just yesterday I was packing up to drive out to California to be with him. Its crazy because honestly, these past two years I have really started to focus on my business and put so much time into it, that I haven't focused on my family enough.  And now in just a little over 3 weeks, we will be leaving California, and I will admit, this house doesn't hold nearly enough memories for 2 years!


It was a hard thing to realize, and even harder to think that these two years living here we have not spent near enough time just being with each other and putting work aside.  I do not regret all the work I have put into making this business what it is today but I realized today listening to the ladies of The Power Hour talk, that I need to FOCUS ON MY FAMILY!  This family, the husband, the dog, the sisters, the brothers, the parents, and the friends [to many to picture] they need to be my focus!


Yes, my business is important to me, but when I look back in 5 years, do I want to remember the time at my computer or the time spent with my husband and our families?  Because it is easier to focus on bettering our business and ourselves, that it's easy to forget to step away and spend time with our loved ones.  Plus, if you focus on family and you feel their support in your business, there is only one way to go..UP! Support from those who love you is one of the biggest motivations and that may be what your business needs to succeed.

So today I want to challenge all you business owners, you artists, and you entrepreneurs, today I challenge you to look at your focus.  Figure out if you have been to focused on your own success that you have put your family on the back burner!  And if you have, I challenge you to stop it right now! Yes, I said it, stop what you are doing and make time to focus on your families, because they are important too! 

Now Go Do You

xoxo Elise Marie

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